HBMS Mixing System eliminates hand mixing and filling of CNC machining centers.


The primary goal of the project was to automatically mix a water soluble machining coolant for operators to fill machines. A positive displacement mixer was selected to eliminate variations in the mix ratio based on temperature and the chemical selected. After consulting with IFS the decision was made to install a header system with drops to each CNC machine and eliminate isle traffic.

There are (3) manufacturing cells with (5) to (6) CNC machines in each cell so traffic was considerable. Each cell now has it’s own mixing system so the ratio for each cell can be adjusted based on the parts being machined.

The final step in the project was the addition of auto makeup valve on each CNC machine. Operators now focus on machining and coolant levels in 200 gallon sumps are maintained within 5 gallons. Data collected has shown coolant temperatures and concentrations are very consistent.

IFS has built systems for over 20 years for applications including:

  • Coolant Mixing & Recycling
  • Cutting Oil Recycling
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Wash Water Recycling
  • Oil Purification Systems
  • Waste Oil Processing

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Industrial Fluid Systems – HBMS Coolant Mixing System – PDF

System Requirements
  • Feed coolant to (6) CNC machine tools on demand
  • Mix coolant at a rate of 5 GPM
  • Mix ratio is to be easily adjusted
  • Simple to operate controls
  • Incoming water filter with pressure regulator
  • Low Chemical sensor w/ alarm for tote or drum
  • 120 Volt power required
  • Complete Documentation with Spare Parts Lis
  • Feed mixed coolant to a distribution header
  • Runoff on Customer Supplied Fluid
  • In plant training and startup assistance.
  • (3) HBMS Mixing System
  • Header control valves
  • Auto fill valves
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