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This system is designed to meet test specifications for gear boxes and other aircraft parts that require pressures of 10 to 300 PSI (+- 2PSI), temperatures of ambient to 180F (+- 2 Deg F) , and flow rates of 0.30 to 10.2 GPM (+- 0.5%). Parts range in size from 8” x 8” x 6” to 14” wide 15” high and 33” long. (2) Millipore filters collect oil samples of oil going into and out of the part for analysis and quality records. A positive displacement flow meter with an accuracy of +/- 0.5% combined with a pressure transducer provides flow/pressure data.

Prior to building this system IFS worked with the gearbox manufacturer to establish the flow rate, temperature requirements and oil quality required to meet Rolls-Royce specifications. ACTS-14109 was designed to test aerospace gearboxes and other similar components at a precise pressures, temperatures, and flow rates. It includes a 3 micron inline filter extending test oil life by a factor of 50+.

IFS has 25 years of experience building turnkey systems for:

  • Coolant Recycling
  • Cutting Oil Recycling
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Wash Water Recycling
  • Oil Purification Systems
  • Waste Oil Processing

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Industrial Fluid Systems – Aerospace Parts – PDF 

System Specifications
  • Test oil at 75-180F (+/-) 2 Deg
  • Adjustable pressures from 15 to 300 PSI depending on the part.
  • Adjustable flow rates ( 2.0 to 9.0 GPM) and flow meter with + or —0.5% accuracy
  • Provide 20 gallon reservoir w/ 3 micron Inline filter
  • (2) Millipore filters to collect flushing contamination of oil in and out of the part
  • A clear hinged cover to protect the operator and environment from oil spray.
  • Drip pan under the fixture and Millipore filters to contain oil.
  • Portable and self contained test stand easily moved as required
Equipment Provided
  • ACTS-14109 Gearbox Test Stand
    • 20 Gallon test oil reservoir
    • 10 GPM Lube filter/heater pump
    • 3kW Heater w/PID controller
    • 10 to 300 PSI range
    • 3 Micron inline filter
    • Duplex Millipore filters
    • 0.3 to 10.2 GPM flow meter
    • Sample Ports
    • 0-500 PSI Pressure Gauge
  • Digital displays Temp-PSI-Flow
  • Operational & Maintenance Manual w/ Spare Parts List
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