Coolant Recycling System CRS-300 reduces chemical cost and waste hauling by 50%

Model: CRS-300

Recycling 200 gallons/day of used machine tool coolant would significantly reduce waste hauling and the purchase of coolant chemistry. The system requirements were simple. A turnkey system easy to operate with minimum maintenance. Operators collect used coolant with a sump sucker and pump it into the recycler. A coolant transfer cart with 55 gallon drum is used to transfer recycled coolant back to a machine.

After reviewing the application and coolant being used it was determined that an oil/water separator would remove the tramp oil. Solid loading was not high so a single bag filter would be adequate to recycle 4 to 5 batches of coolant. Based on this information, the SSM-300 was a perfect solution. Industrial Fluid Systems – CRS-300 – PDF

System Requirements
  • Recycle 200 gallons/day of coolant
  • Remove tramp oil
  • Filter out solids
  • Operate on 120 volts AC
  • Collect tramp oil in drum
  • Monitor Fluid Levels;
    • Low Level Sensor
    • Full Level Sensor
    • Overflow Sensor w/ Alarm
    • Tram oil full sensor
  • Clean fluid transfer pump
Equipment Specifications
  • 300 Gallon process tank
  • 5 GPM Tramp oil separator
  • 15 gpm Feed/Transfer pump
  • Bag filter w/15 micron bags
  • 120 VAC 1Ph power
  • Multi-machine Sensors
    • Low Level Sensor
    • Add Fluid Sensor
    • Overflow sensor w/Alarm
  • Continuous or Timed Cycle
  • Bag Filter Assembly
  • Tramp oil drum w/full sensor
  • AutoCAD system layout
  • Electronic documentation
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