• Industrial Oil and Fluid Recycling Systems – Oil Reclaiming Equipment Since 1991

    Our Rich History

    Industrial Fluid Systems was formed in 1991 to help manufacturers maximize the performance of their industrial fluids and minimize waste. To reach these goals, IFS works with companies using the systems approach, we look at the past, evaluate the present situation, and define the future. Once defined, IFS provides the equipment and services needed to reach future goals. This could include fluid management equipment, fluid recycling equipment, cutting oil recycling systems, engineering, and/or field service support.

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    The quality of a fluid is key to maximizing performance and minimizing the waste. IFS has built systems to recycle metalworking fluids and industrial oils from all major manufacturers. As Quaker Houghton, Chempace, and Rock Valley Oil and Chemical distributors, we can provide quality fluids in addition to fluid management equipment and recycling systems.

    Engineered Systems Solutions in:

    • Auto Decant Systems
    • Filter Carts/Transfer Skids – Heavy Duty
    • Hydraulic Oil Filtration Systems
    • Industrial Centrifuges
    • Industrial Fluid Recycling Systems
    • Oil Purification Systems
    • Rentals
    • Shear Static Mixers, Systems
    • Vacuum Dehydrators

    Alfa Laval and IFS have established a working relationship designed to accelerate and support IFS’ success in fluid management and the recycling of industrial fluids.

    Oil Purification/Reclamation Equipment

    Whether you are looking for a vacuum dehydrator, centrifuge system, filter cart or a custom system, IFS has a range of technologies to help you achieve your fluid purification or reclamation goals. Small units for single machine applications to large systems for plant-wide recycling available. Customers include steel mills, aerospace, paper and pulp mills and power plants.

    Recycling Metalworking Fluids

    IFS has over 24 years of experience working with companies to recycle metal working fluids including: stamping fluids, machine tool coolants, grinding fluids and cutting fluids. We have built small recycling units for single machine applications and large central systems for plant wide recycling.

    Rental Equipment

    Whether you have an occassional need for filtration that doesn’t justify an equipment purchase, or an emergency situation that needs attention now, IFS can help with our line of rental equipment. We have Ultra-Vacs, centrifuge systems and filter skids available for rent on a weekly or monthly basis.

    Industrial Fluids

    We carry a range of fluids including: fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, rust preventatives, automotive approved stamping fluids, industrial cleaners and more.