Coolant Mixing Station/System – Metalworking Fluids

Model: HBMS-7-12-120V-CLO

The Coolant Mixing Station uses a positive displacement pump to mix water soluble fluids efficiently and at accurate concentrations. Designed specifically for mixing water based metal working fluids, the HBMS-7-12-120V automatically mixes at 2 to 7 GPM. The concentration can be changed by the user to ensure optimal fluid performance on a Just-In-Time basis. The system runs on 120 volt. Industrial Fluid Systems will custom build a system to meet your requirements. Coolant Mixing Station/System – Metalworking Fluids PDF

Model: HBMS-7-12-120V-CLO
Typical applications
  • Metal Working Fluids
    • Machining Fluids
    • Stamping Fluids
    • Rust Preventatives
  • Cleaners
    • Part Washing Fluids
    • Floor Soap
    • Maintenance Cleaners
Equipment Specifications
  • Positive Displacement Mix Pump
    • 2 to 7 GPM Mix Flow Rate
    • 2.4% to 12.3% Adjustable Mix Ratio
  • Water @ 20 psi+
  • Electrical Control w/"On" & "Off" Push Buttons
  • Power Requirement: 120V–5 Amps
  • 20ft. Electrical Cord
  • Low Chemical Alarm
  • 5 Micron Water Filter
Optional Features
  • Viton/Buna-N Seals
  • Remote Level Sensors w/30ft. Cord
    • Overflow Sensor w/ Alarm
    • Add Fluid Sensor
    • Overflow Alarm
  • Cycle Timer
  • Drum Hardware/Tote Hardware
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