Centrifuges and Vacuum Dehydrators for the Power Generation Industry


Power plants and their turbines run 24/7, cogeneration power plants run as required but many times this is also 24/7. The lube oil required to keep ECM’s and high speed turbines operational must be clean and moisture free. For coal fired plants driving their turbines with steam, moisture is a bigger concern. Our goal is to help power companies maintain oil cleanliness and keep turbines on line and operational.

Power generating plants typically know the problems. Our job is to help them identify cost effective solutions.

In 1995, we designed and built our first centrifuge system for turbine oil. A sugar beet plant in Michigan uses steam to drive a power generator and then cook sugar beets. This turn-of-the-century plant, located in a rural area, had minimal power. We replaced a hand driven centrifuge hooked up to a washing machine motor with a small, high speed centrifuge. Oil quality has improved along with efficiency. Since then their sister plant has replaced their antiquated unit with a new system.

Vacuum dehydrators are the preferred solution when removing saturated water down to less than 100 parts/million. In 2004, we purchased the Ultra-Vac product line and started building systems based on vacuum dehydration. Ultra-Vac has over 200 units operating in electric power plants, paper mills and steel mills in North America. The application of this product has continued to grow as we find more applications that require clean dry lubricating oil.

Power generation applications we have been involved in include:

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