Aerospace Gear Boxes - Test Cells & Test Equipment


How do you design a test stand to leak test large, split aerospace gearboxes and similar components at a variety of pressures? Use a trunnion fixture that can be easily repositioned for multiple load and test positions. Test stand 14075 was designed to meet test specifications for gear boxes and other aircraft parts that require pressure ranges of 20 to 2,000 PSI at ambient to 120F. To protect the part (3) circuits are provided, one for each pressure range. The trunnion fixture design will handle parts up to 24” wide 20” high and 15” deep. It’s 360 Degree rotation makes loading, filling, testing and draining of both right hand and left hand parts efficient and easy. A 12 micron inline filter keeps the oil below the 15 micron level as specified by the customer. Maximum flow is 8 GPM.

Prior to building this system IFS worked with the gearbox manufacturer to establish the flow rate, temperature requirements and oil quality required to meet Rolls-Royce specifications. Test tooling was included as part of the package.

IFS has 25 years of experience building turnkey systems for:

  • Coolant Recycling
  • Cutting Oil Recycling
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Wash Water Recycling
  • Oil Purification Systems
  • Waste Oil Processing

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Industrial Fluid Systems – Aerospace Gear Boxes – PDF 

System Specifications
  • Test oil 75-120 Deg F
  • Test #1 10-30 PSI Case port
  • Test #2 200-400 PSI Lube port
  • Test #3 1,800-2,200 PSI Fuel port
  • Adjustable flow rates ( 1.0 to 8.0 GPM)
  • 12 Micron test oil filter
  • Horizontal load/unload position
  • Vertical fill/test/drain position
  • Removable covers to protect the operator and environment fromoil spray.
  • Drip pan under the fixture and trunnion to contain oil.
  • Fixture & Tooling for (3) parts
Equipment Provided
  • ACTS-202415-20-08-120-2200
  • Gearbox Test Stand
    • 20 Gallon test oil reservoir
    • 8 GPM Test oil pump
    • (1) 10-30 PSI Test port
    • (1) 200-400 PSI Test port
    • (1) 1,800 to 2,200 PSI Test port
    • 12 Micron 3,000 PSI filter
    • Trunnion fixture w/ locks
    • Control Panel w/ interface
    • Operational & Maintenance Manual w/ Spare Parts List
  • Test tooling for (3) Gearboxes
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