Auto Decant Systems, Heater Skids, Filter Skids, Vacuum Dehydrators for the Steel Industry

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Steel plants are hot, noisy, dirty and dangerous. The environment is hard on everything including people, equipment and fluids. Our goal is to help companies maintain these fluids in order to keep equipment running at maximum efficiency. Well maintained equipment last longer, requires much less maintenance and is safer to operate.

IFS will work with you to define the problem, determine the cause and identify possible solutions. If the solution identified can be provided by Industrial Fluid Systems, we will quote products and services that apply. In cases where we do not feel qualified to provide the solution, we will recommend other companies be contacted.

Water in a mill stand lube system can quickly turn into a major maintenance/repair problem. Our first project in a steel mill was to build a high speed centrifuge module to remove water from oil. The year was 2002 and since then we have designed and built:

In some cases the solution has been to change a fluid. We have provided steel plants with:

  • Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
  • Conventional Hydraulic Fluids
  • Rust Inhibitors
Satisfied Customers
  • JT Steel
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Talan Products
  • Aichi Forge
  • Hill Standard Works
  • Dana US Manufacturing
  • Gerdau – Jackson
  • Gerdau – Monroe
  • SDI
  • Cleveland Cliffs

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