Auto Decant System Decanting Industrial Processing Water from Oil IES-ADS


The Auto Decant System is designed to automatically decant water from oil reservoirs. Fluid is pumped from the bottom of the reservoir into the system where it is filtered and separated using a series of chambers and gravity. The processed oil is pumped thru a filter to remove any remaining contaminates before going back into the oil reservoir. Waste water is discharged thru a separate line. The Auto Decant System can be run in a continuous or timed mode, 24/7.

Industrial Fluid Systems – Auto Decant Systems – Water Decanting from Oil PDF

Typical Auto Decant Applications
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs
  • Lube Oil Reservoirs
  • Quench Oil Reservoirs
Equipment Specifications
  • 2.5 GPM Flow Rate
  • Feed Pump & Return Pump
  • Electrical Controls, w/ “On” indicator
  • 460V-3Ph-60Hz Power
  • Bag Filter w/ 25 micron
  • Inlet & Outlet hoses
  • One Year Warranty
  • Operating Manual w/ Spare Parts List
Safety Features
  • High Pressure Alarm
  • Oil Tank Overflow Alarm
  • OWS Overflow Alarm
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Strobe Alarm Light
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