Industrial Fluid Mixers

Why Bother Using A Fluid Mixer?

Minor changes in metalworking fluid concentration can have a major impact on fluid costs, tool wear, part quality and corrosion protection. Most mixing systems operate on the Venturi principle or expensive blending pumps that can’t be easily adjusted for changes in fluid flow due to temperature or pressure. As a result, fluid concentration can fluctuate widely based on the facility temperature or changes in water pressure. However, IFS mixers uses absolute volume to make sure that the concentration is exact every time.

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    Shear Static Mixers

    Shear Static Mixers are designed to mix high viscosity difficult to mix stamping fluids automatically. These mixers provide manufacturers with a cost-effective way to control their fluid concentration reducing fluid use, tool wear and scrap costs. Whether you have a central system or are mixing one sump at a time, we can supply a system that will work for you.

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    Positive Displacement Mixers

    Positive displacement mixers are designed to mix low to medium viscosity fluids that do not require a shearing action to create a stable emulsion. The mixers are driven by the water used in the mixing process eliminating an electric mix pump and pump controls. This mixer has a much smaller footprint than the Shear Static Mixer yet provides the same benefits. We manufacture both manual and automatic mix stations with many different hardware and control options.

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