Make SMART goals for Coolant Recycling

By IFS-June 25, 2015
Make SMART goals for Coolant Recycling

In business as in life, research shows that if you want to succeed it’s best to start with a SMART goal.  SMART is an acronym for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound. How does this apply to recycling projects?  Many times there is a strong case for fluid recycling but no urgency to implement.  We can all understand that using less coolant means money saved, but there are other cost savings around a recycling program that can be overlooked such as: waste hauling costs, freight charges and scrap.  Once you can show the full extent of the savings available with a program, there is often a new commitment to see it implemented and start saving money.  A well defined, SMART goal can help you clearly articulate your objective and motivate others.


With this in mind, we recently modified our Coolant Recycling-APP Questions, an exhaustive list of questions that we’ve identified while working on these projects over the last 24 years.   For an example of what this form looks like once it’s filled out, check out Coolant Recycling-APP Answers.  With this information, you have a more complete picture of the true costs and potential savings available through a recycling program.  You can more accurately calculate payback periods and Return on Investment.  You can set goals with specific, measurable information.  If you take the time to complete the Coolant Recycling APP Questions, you will be well on your way to making your coolant recycling goal a SMART one.


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