Oil Purification System
Centrifugal Separation and Vacuum Dehydration
UV-1 + MAB-103 Combo

The UV-1 + MAB-103 Combo oil purification system is designed to remove water, dirt and air from petroleum and synthetic fluids. This unit uses two major recycling principles; centrifugal forces and vacuum dehydration. The centrifuge remove gross water (down to 1000 ppm) and solid particles above 10 microns. The vacuum dehydrator will dependably remove water well below the oil saturation point (typically down to 150 ppm), even when tightly bound in emulsion. The Combo unit uses a PLC powered control panel combined with a touch-display screen for operating the unit. The control panel is equipped to shut-down the machine under various alarm conditions to prevent damage to the unit, property or personnel.
Industrial Fluid Systems – Oil Purification System – Combo – UV-1 + MAB-103 PDF