Industrial Fluids
Cutting Oils, Cutting Fluids, Metalworking Fluids

More expensive fluids do not necessarily mean higher total fluid costs. In fact, many companies realize a savings in total fluid expenses due to longer fluid life, less dumping and the ability to run mixed fluids at lower concentrations. We don’t believe in selling anything to our customers that doesn’t help them solve a problem or save money. That is why we only carry high-quality industrial fluids from the Chempace, Quaker Chemical, and Rock Valley Oil and Chemical.

Each fluid manufacturer has an exceptional track record of industrial metalworking performance in the steel, stamping, power generation, paper, and plastic injection molding industries.

Customer Driven Service

Same Day Shipping – If we have a product in stock and you order before noon, we will ship it out the same day.

Pail/Drums/Totes – Whether you need a 1 gallon can, a 5 gallon pail or a 320 gallon tote of coolant or lubricant, we can help you.

Just in Time Scheduling – With a blanket order we will stock your product and guarantee same-day shipment. We make deliveries with our truck within a 50 mile radius of our Warren, Michigan warehouse.

Small Quantities/Samples – We will ship you a one quart to one gallon container of any product we have in stock for $65 plus shipping, the same day you order it.

Normal Operating Hours – 8am – 5pm EST Monday – Friday. We can ship product after-hours or on weekends on an emergency basis.

Technical Support

Application Knowledge – Our sales engineers have extensive technical training on the products we carry, their optimal applications and concentrations.

Process Optimization – IFS professionals can help you select the correct cutting oil or industrial fluid and do trial evaluations to ensure satisfaction.


Sample Industrial Fluids


  • air-dry solvents
  • all metal safe cleaners
  • deburring metal cleaners
  • defoamers
  • ferrous metal cleaners
  • floor soap/degreasers
  • heat treat cleaners
  • metal brighteners
  • plastic glass and dunnage cleaners
  • rust & scale removers
  • rust inhibitors
  • steam pressure washing compounds

Rock Valley

  • air compressor oils
  • cleaners
  • coolants
  • corrosion preventatives
  • drawn & forming oils
  • honing oils
  • hydraulic fluids
  • lubricants
  • metal forming / stamping fluids
  • metalworking fluids
  • process oils
  • quench & cutting oils
  • reference oils
  • rust preventives
  • way oils

Quaker Chemical

  • cleaners
  • cold rolling oils
  • corrosion preventives
  • fire-resistant hydraulic fluids
  • metal forming fluids
  • metal removal fluids