Hydraulic Fluids
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QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 SERIES – Synthetic Water-Free Fluids (HFD-U)

Designed to replace anti-wear, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids used in applications where fire hazards exist. These fire resistant hydraulic fluids can also be used in environmentally sensitive hydraulic applications without compromising the overall hydraulic system operation.

Applications include:

Steel: Slab caster slide gates / hot mill roll force and roll balance / pickle line and welders / cold rolling mill / annealing / tin rolling / automatic gage control (AGC) hydraulics

Aluminum: Cast houses / hot rolling mills

Seamless Tube & Pipe: Casting / rotary furnace / hot rolling lines / heat treating

Engine and Transmissions: Casting / heat-treating / press shops / forging / welding

Bearings: Casting / heat-treating hydraulics

Metal Extrusion: Furnaces / metal handling equipment / heat treating hydraulics

Forging: Presses / heat-treating hydraulics

Foundry: Casting / heat-treating hydraulics

Die Casting: Casting / heat-treating hydraulics

The QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 SERIES includes:

  • QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-46
  • QUINTOLUBRIC® 888-68

The QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 SERIES offers benefits that feature global formulation, environmental friendliness, excellent shear stability and best-in-class oxidation stability. For optimal performance, these hydraulic fluids do not contain water, mineral oil or phosphate ester but instead are derived from high quality, synthetic organic esters and carefully selected additives. Both formulas provide fire-resistance, premium lubrication and superb anti-wear properties.

QUINTOLUBRIC® 807 SERIES – High Water Content Fluids (HFA)

Designed for use in water hydraulic systems with reciprocating piston pumps. Provides effective protection against rust and micro-organism growth has a strong affinity for metal, and provides effective boundary lubrication between sliding steel surfaces.

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Soft Medium Hard
Soft Medium Heavy
Ferrous Non-ferrous
QUINTOLUBRIC® 888 HFD-U: polyol ester Excellent lubrication, excellent shear stability, fie resistant, simple waste treatment Hydraulics in hazardous high temperature or fie prone areas