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28 Apr

With the price of hydraulic oil skyrocketing, now is the time to consider oil purification and recycling. It’s easy with our Mobile Micro Filtration Oil Purification System.  Contaminated oil destroys bearings, seals, pumps and servo valves causing premature wear, down time and high maintenance costs. This system is designed to keep your equipment running at maximum efficiency. The Micro Filter removes solids, micro solids and… Read More

22 Apr

003-303-14206-RIMA CuttingOilRecyclingSystem-N2 Industrial Fluid Systems creates a turnkey system which allows Michigan based manufacturing plant to recycle cutting oils in house. Initially, the scope of the project for cutting oil purification was to replace off-site recycling of an oil which was becoming more expensive. As the project progressed so did the requirements that now include: 1. Generating 350 gallons per day of clean usable oil…. Read MoreRead More

13 Jul

In January 2014, IFS was contacted by a company using large amounts of a proprietary cleaning fluid as part of their process. The fluid was expensive to formulate and became contaminated quickly… It was a key part of the process and could not be replaced… Extending its life would directly affect the cost per part and growing the business.

28 Mar

In early 2014 Mitch Bartczak contacted Industrial Fluid Systems (IFS) looking for help with their honing operation.  He had a couple of goals in mind. The first was to reduce, or possibly eliminate, down time caused by changing filters. The second was to extend the life of the hone’s filter from 2 days to 5 or 6 days. This would reduce the cost associated with buying filter elements and the disposal of spent filter elements. Read More

24 Feb

On December 30, a large plastic injection molder contacted us looking to remove water from hydraulic oil. Their plastic injection machine’s hydraulic system was contaminated with water. They changed the oil in the 300 gallon system 3 times, but the oil was still cloudy. They now had 640 gallons (2 totes) of new, wet oil and a reservoir full of wet oil. Servo valves and cylinder seals were at risk.

14 Oct

Check out this video that shows our new Automatic Makeup Valve in operation! This valve is also available in a mixing configuration where chemical is added with water automatically for a consistent concentration every time. Contact us at 800-343-8106 for more information on how we can help you.

25 Sep

The # 1 reason we get calls for automatic coolant makeup systems sounds like this “people keep opening the coolant supply valves, get distracted, and we end up with coolant all over the floor”.  The #2 reason is “My coolant budget is shot, out of sight”.  The # 3 reason is typically “My guys spend too much time mixing and filling their machines”. While these… Read More

22 Jul

Previously we discussed the importance of making sure you have a SMART goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound.) for your coolant recycling program.  While there are many things to measure, the most important one to get your project moving is the money.  Most companies agree that recycling and minimizing manufacturing waste is important for the environment.  What they don’t know is that there can… Read More

25 Jun

In business as in life, research shows that if you want to succeed it’s best to start with a SMART goal.  SMART is an acronym for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-focused and Time-bound. How does this apply to recycling projects?  Many times there is a strong case for fluid recycling but no urgency to implement.  We can all understand that using less coolant means money saved,… Read MoreRead More